Agro Drone Group

Drones for the purpose of analysis, control, and monitoring in agriculture

The company developed in 2015

The company rewarded by gold medals of Russian ministry of agriculture 2016 and 2017

Our Experience

World Bank Report

World Bank Report

In the World Bank’s report on the Russian market, AgroDroneGroup company is listed as the industry leader and the only one innovative technology company in the agro sector

Our markets

  • Kazakhstan Commercial contracts
  • Uzbekistan Commercial and government contracts
  • Russia Сommercial contracts
  • India Field Tests
  • Vietnam Field Tests
  • Indonesia Field Tests

DeepTech expertise

Development is based on complex interaction with scientific expert council and own laboratories in the largest specialized scientific organizations

Dankook University

Scientific and production grain-farming centre named after A.I. Baraev

National Agro Scientific Institute of Uzbekistan

Smolensk state agricultural academy

All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection Chemicals (VNIIHSPP)

All-Russian Research Institute of rice growing

All-Russian Potato-farming Research Institute named after A.G. Lorkha

All-Russian Agro-chemistry Research Institute named after D.N. Pryanishnikov

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